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We make health insurance more transparent and give you back control over your benefits. Take our benefits assessment to get a personalized report analyzing what plan is right for you.

Adventure + Entrepreneur = Venteur

Are you one of the millions that branched out on their own as part of the Great Resignation? If so, we're inspired by you. Some of you are moguls in the making. Or perhaps you're serving as your family's caretaker. As a company founded by independent workers, we relate. We're also here to help!

The average individual has more than 60 options when it comes to picking their health benefits.

Many of these plans look nearly identical but are very different when it comes to your finances and your access to healthcare. Our AI-powered benefits calculator helps you to understand these trade-offs and make investing in your health a key cornerstone of your financial planning.

Protect Your Health and Your Finances

While we're all about adventure, medical debt is not an adventure you should ever take. Our goal is to minimize your financial risks and pick a health plan that keeps you in top shape. Use Venteur to:

Explore Health Plans

Pick health plans based on your personal wellness goals.

Level Up Your Safety Net

Buy coverage for common expenses that aren't covered by health insurance.

Avoid Surprises

Get straight-forward info on what's covered and what's not

Get a Free Personalized Benefits Assessment

You shouldn't have to be an expert to get quality benefits.


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